Scope: The goal of this project was to create three type-based images: one focusing solely on type, one balancing type and imagery, and one integrating type into an image.
Methodology: For this project, I used a quote by John Muir and implemented it into imagery based around nature. My type only piece repeats the quote in the shape of a tree with the text over lapping in all areas but one in the trunk. This alludes to how Muir
says “The clearest way” since this is the clearest part of the image. My balanced piece has the John Muir quote nestled neatly in the center of an open tree canopy with the type and the image both having space to breathe. The type integrated piece have the quote weaving in and out of the tree leaves making the quote part of the image.
Results/Learning: This project served as my first experience exploring typography and integrating type into an image.
Role: Layout, Concept, Visuals
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